Maskell Pipe & Supply, Inc. has been satisfying industrial, municipal, and environmental customers as a distributor and fittings fabricator of high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe for many years. When it comes to HDPE, Maskell Pipe & Supply, Inc. is an industry leader.

Maskell Pipe & Supply, Inc. maintains a large rental fleet of McElroy Manufacturing fusion equipment. McElroy produces the butt fusion equipment used to join HDPE pipe and fittings. It is the combination of HDPE pipe and McElroy equipment that makes Maskell Pipe & Supply, Inc. unique. Since we have the highest quality material, equipment, shop facility, and expertise, Maskell Pipe & Supply, Inc. is a one stop full service distributor.

The emphasis of full service means Maskell Pipe & Supply, Inc. follows a project from start to finish. We evaluate and help plan with the design engineers, sell and arrange for delivery of the pipe and fittings to the jobsite, and coordinate with the contractor for the fusion unit rental and technical services. In as much as we know most projects from the beginning, high customer satisfaction tends to be the end result of this commitment to full service.

Maskell Pipe & Supply, Inc. has continued to grow, with our focus on selling HDPE pipe, and providing McElroy fusion equipment. This gives Maskell Pipe & Supply, Inc. the advantage, and allows our employees to have an area of expertise with HDPE pipe not found amongst our competition. Customers buy from Maskell Pipe & Supply, Inc. because of our extensive knowledge and our excellent service.

We remain dedicated to providing HDPE material, fusion tech services, and equipment rental, as well as MDPE Yellow Gas pipe & fittings, and with our extensive list of vendors we are also able to provide additional specialty material, including PVC material, HDPE Corrugated, Waterworks related materials, and steel pipe and fittings, just to name a few.

We are proud to be recognized as a Disadvantaged Business Entity, Woman-Owned Business Entity, and we are committed to providing our customers with environmentally safe products to fit all of your needs.

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